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Eastern Serbia

Eastern Serbia has plenty touristic attractions such as Manasija and Ravanica monasteries, Resavska cave, Rajačke Pimnice, Srebrno jezero, Gamzigra, the Canyon of Djerdap and the Iron Gate. In addition other spots not to be missed are the Sokobanja Spa and Timocka Krajina wine cellars.


Monastery Manasija
Monastery Manasija was built at the beginning of the 15th century by Duke Stefan Lazarevic which is also buried inside it. The monastery is surrounded by tough walls and eleven fortified towers. Since the foundation and until the Great Migration, the Monastery Manasija has been the location of educated monks who were literature workers.

Sokobanja Spa
Sokobanja spa is one of the most visited spas in Serbia with the longest organized tourism tradition (170 years), it is situated 400m above the sea level, in a basin between the Ozren and Rtanj Mountains, at the bank of river Moravica. Every year, about 100,000 tourists enjoy Sokobanja spa making about one million of overnight stays, especially during the summer when several events are held. Sokobanja has also a big health center and some five hotels: Sunce, Moravica, Zdravljak, Turist and Banjica. There are numerous medical institutions, hospitals as well as specialized hospitals.


Resavska Cave
Resavska Cave is the most important and stunning cave in Serbia. It is located at the 455m above the sea level, upon a hill called Babina Glava. Resavska Cave was discovered in 1962 and opened to the public in 1972. It is one of the oldest explored and discovered caves )it is estimated that it is around 45 million years old). Visitors can walk through a 800m long path and the tour lasts for about 40 minutes. Resavska Cave consists of three floors, but only the upper two floors are visible to tourists (the Upper and the Lower Gallery), while the underground river flows at the lowest floor (the Third Gallery).

Rajačke Pimnice
Rajačke Pimnice is a large complex of wine cellars and facilities for production and storage of wine. It was built in the 17th century and it is an unique architectonic complex including 270 wine cellars, built using stones and wood. The basement area is used for wine storage (5000 - 6000 l of wine stored inside) while the overhead part is the processing plant. During the visit to these interesting localities, it is possilbe tasting and purchasing of their wine.

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