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Western Serbia main attractions are the famous mountains Zlatibor and Tara with their attractive sites: Sirogojno, the ethnic village Mećavnik (Emir Kusturica), Potpećka cave, Drina River, Koviljaca Spa, Tršić , Uvac canyon, Trešnjica canyon and Ljubovija surroundings, as well as many other fabulous sites of this part of Serbia. Rural tourism is also very popular in Western Serbia especially in villages such as Ježevica near Požega, Sevojno and Sirogojno near Zlatibor. In addition in the western-central part of Serbia there are other attractions not to be missed: the famous Kopaonik mountain and ski resort, The UNESCO Monastery of Studenica and the relaxing Vrnjci Spa.


Zlatibor (literally "golden pine") is one of the top tourist destination in Serbia after Belgrade (distance 230 km) and it is also Serbia’s most visited mountain, with a wide range of opportunities for active holiday pursuits such as walking, riding bike, horseback riding or taking part in the special slimming and healthy life programs. A mountain of exceptional beauty with a mild climate, woodland valleys, grasslands, brooks and pines.

Mećavnik is an ethno village, created by the well-known Serbian film director Emir Kusturica. This interesting town is situated on Mokra Gora, in western Serbia, between mountains Zlatibor and Tara. It is constituted of wooden houses (log huts), some carried from neighboring villages, which preserved the authentic of this part of Serbia. Furniture is handmade, carved with decorative needle worked curtains on small windows. All rooms has bathroom, plasma TV, telephone. In addition streets in this town are named after famous persons from culture, science, sport, such as the main street of Ivo Andric, street of Ernest Che Guevara, Diego Maradona, Fellini. In Mećavnik village there are also a church, a restaurant, souvenir shop and a cinema.


Sirogojno is another ethno village 10 km away from Zlatibor mountain. It spreads out 15 hectares and it has been created with authentic elements or ordinary life from this region from the 19th century. The ethno village display includes a bakery, dairy and inn. Furthermore Sirogojno offers a big range of interesting activities including evenings by the fire and summer school for learning traditional crafts such as pottery, mosaics and knitting. In Sirogojno village there is also the museum of National Architecture, founded in 1980 and dedicated to the architecture and interiors of old houses and the way of life of the people of southwest Serbia (how they worked, lived and organized their families).


Sarganska Osmica
Not far away from the Zlatibor and Tara Mountains is the Sarganska Osmica or “The Figure of Eight of Sargan” (osmica means eight) which is a narrow train line shaped as a number eight. The large elevation change in so short a distance tourists are breathless, simply an amazing experience.

Kopaonik is a famous mountain and ski resort, covered with snow for 7 months per year. Kopaonik city center is divided in two tourist centers: Ravan Kopaonik and Brzece. Besides skiing, tourists can also enjoy hiking, ballooning or visit the archaeological site Kadijevac and the remains of the old Orthodox church, Nebeska Stolica. Kopaonik’s national park is the biggest in Serbia, it extends from northwest to southeast, in length of 75km, with the width of 40km.


Monastery Studenica
Monastery Studenica was proclaimed as a protected monument and was included on a list of World Culture and Natural Heritage of UNESCO in 1986. This is one of the most important monuments of Byzantium and Serbian art, consisting of three churches: Church dedicated to the Holy Virgin Mary, King’s church and Church of St. Nicholas.


Vrnjci Spa - Vrnjačka banja
Vrnjci Spa is considered for one of the most famous and biggest spas in Serbia, it is situated in the central part of Serbia, on wooded hills of Goc Mountain. Vrnjacka Spa surrounding environment is rich of natural beauties and historical monuments. During the whole year, different manifestations are held here, and the guests can visit also nearby monasteries, such as Gradac, Sopocani, Studenica, Djurdjevi Stupovi.

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